Have a question? I will do my best to answer it. But because this site encourages making the best use of our time – mine and yours – I’ve gone ahead and answered some of the most common questions I receive and compiled them here. If this FAQ doesn’t address your query, use the JenPlans search bar to search the blog, and then if you still don’t find what you’re looking for go ahead and reach out to me via the JenPlans social media (such as the JenPlans Facebook page here) or via this contact page.

Which planner do you use and why?
I use the Erin Condren Life Planner. I use my planner a lot, and love seeing the beautiful designs, inspirational quotes and other thoughtful details included in the ECLP. It has features such as interchangeable covers, a built-in zip pocket and folder, note pages and more. For 2015-2016, it’s available in both vertical and horizontal layouts. I’m not getting paid to use the planner or for this review, but if you are interested in purchasing one for the first time you are welcome to use my referral link – which saves both you and me $10!

What pens do you recommend using in a planner? On stickers? On washi tape?
This is a personal question – different people have different preferences. But I love my Pilot G2-07 retractable gel pens. They write smoothly, don’t bleed through my planner and have been my go-to for years. On glossy or vinyl stickers and washi tape, I prefer using a blue ultra-fine or extra-fine Sharpie because the color stands out, matches my G-2s and doesn’t smear.

What are your favorite planner shops?
The most important part about your planner is that it works for you – whether you choose minimalism or decorate. These are my personal favorites: Krissyanne Designs, LillieHenry, Erin’s Washi, MyQueenBeeDesigns, Rainbows & Pixiedust, ARRlove.

What type of printer do you use?
I use an HP 8610 for office work as well as printing the occasional sheet of stickers.

Do you donate / give stickers or other products away?  What about for charity?
Follow me on Instagram for the occasional giveaway! If you have a specific charitable or non-profit event or organization that you are doing a giveaway for, you can contact me here but as I don’t have a shop I typically can’t accommodate requests for product. There are some exceptions when the circumstances are appropriate.

Can I download your handwriting as a font?
Surprisingly, I get this question quite often! So far, I haven’t created a font with my handwriting that I’m happy with but this is something that could happen in the future! I’ll keep you updated.

What do you do for a living?
I’m currently a Stay-At-Home-Mom (now blogger!) but I previously worked in Higher Education Student Affairs.

I want to start budgeting. How should I get started?
To start with budgeting, I recommend attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University near you, and/or reading his book, Total Money Makeover. Check out my JenPlans Budgeting & Personal Finance Group here!

What are sinking funds?
Sinking funds are specific savings for  expenses that are infrequent, irregular and/or unpredictable (examples are car repairs, annual family pictures or holiday gifts). You save a little each month so that you can pay them when they pop up.