NEW Erin Condren MONTHLY Planner Review!


I am SO excited to share the newest Erin Condren products with you all! I’m going to show you some of their latest accessories and then flip through the LONG-awaited, much anticipated MONTHLY PLANNERS!


The product line from my favorite planner company has been expanding over the last few years, and there are some really cool new things out there now. The newest and probably biggest departure from their stationery and home decor line-up are these flair pins:photo-oct-14-10-31-45-amThe signature asterisk flair pins are $6 each, and the Stay Gold flair pin is $8. Perfect for a jacket or bag! I think I’m going to pin one on my daughter’s backpack as a reminder that I’m always with her. She started Kindergarten this fall and is still getting used to the long day, so I love the idea of having a visual reminder of home for her.

The other (long-awaited!) new product is the nail wrap line! I have seen SO many people asking for nail wraps and there are now FIVE patterns you can pick ($10 each) to match your nails to your notebook!photo-oct-14-10-43-45-amI’ve never been great at putting these on, so I’m going to try them out and will reveal them in another post 😉

I also had one of the new Luxe Gold Metallic Quote Clutches ($20) in my surprise box! The teal faux leather is very, very flexible and soft, and the gold accents are so beautiful in person. The pouch is really roomy and perfect for toting around planner accessories. photo-oct-14-10-43-02-amAnother picture, in comparison to the Deluxe Monthly Planners (original and larger size planners pictured):photo-oct-14-10-43-27-amThere’s one more accessory to share, but I’m going to show it to you as I walk you through the Monthly Planner. You’ll see why.


This planner is the answer to everyone asking for a more simple, sleek monthly planner. Even with the roll-out of the neutral color layout this past summer, folks were still asking for a planner with less decorative touches and more function. Enter the Monthly planner is 7×9 and bound like the Erin Condren Journals with a smooth, permanent, customizable cover. You can choose from this understated canvas print with a monogram, or their collection of colorful covers.

The first spread is the 2017 year-at-a-glance. These mini month calendars are the same size as the Life Planner, so you can use the same stickers you use (*cough*Krissyanne Designs Transparent Mini Circle Stickers*cough*). I also love the wide open space at the bottom for next page is split into a holiday list and a spot for monthly notes:
photo-oct-14-10-32-40-amI love the space here for deadlines, special projects, goals or other monthly notes people like to keep:photo-oct-14-10-32-47-amThe next page is the January Monthly layout:photo-oct-14-10-32-58-amThe monthly layout features a notes sidebar along with a mini next-month calendar at the top left:photo-oct-14-10-33-10-amAs you turn the page, you jump right into the next month:photo-oct-14-10-33-21-amNo notes pages between each month means you can just get right to business. If you like continuous months, this planner is for you.

After December 2017, you can turn directly to a notes section that contains 92 notes pages:
photo-oct-14-10-33-39-amThe calendar pages are not perforated, but the notes pages are:photo-oct-14-10-33-54-amOnce you run through the notes pages, there is a 2018 year at-a-glance spread for future planning:photo-oct-14-10-34-09-amRemember that last accessory? The new Large Clear Sticky Corner Storage Pockets ($7 for a pack of 2) are a super-sturdy add-on for your planner. They’re 6″x6″ which is a GREAT height for those taller pieces you want to keep handyphoto-oct-14-10-34-37-amWhat do you think of this new planner? I can’t wait to see how people use this one!

This is the one I’VE been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!! photo-oct-14-10-35-06-amFor the first time EVER, there are TWO size options for an Erin Condren planner. The planner on the left is the larger 8.5″x11″ option, which is the same size as the Teacher Planner and larger notebook. The planner on the left is 7″x9″ and the same size as the current LifePlanner. At the Go Wild 2016 planner conference in New Orleans, Erin Condren hinted in her keynote speech that there may soon be another size option for the LifePlanner, and this addition is definitely adding to the anticipation!

I’m going to walk you through the smaller one, which is the exact same layout as the larger one. As always, there is a removable cover with an inside whiteboard:photo-oct-14-10-35-20-amAlthough you could use a dry erase marker, I recommend either a wet erase marker (EC sells some here), or a Sharpie permanent marker (wipe off with rubbing alcohol). Always love this cover page to write your name and contact info:photo-oct-14-10-35-28-amTurn the page to their signature quotes:photo-oct-14-10-35-36-amThe next page is the year at-a-glance: photo-oct-14-10-35-41-amNext up is a 12-section open planning space. This would be great for monthly goals, tracking health or body measurements, keeping running lists, cleaning zones for your house – anything you want to divide up

photo-oct-14-10-35-48-amOnce you turn the page, you see the first notes page before January 2017:photo-oct-14-10-35-52-amTurn the page once more, and the monthly layouts begin. This layout is identical to the LifePlanner monthly layouts, so if you’re using the traditional 7″x9″ size, all of your stickers will fit perfectly!photo-oct-14-10-35-57-amI love that there are several notes pages between each month! When you turn the page from the monthly layout, you see this:photo-oct-14-10-36-02-amThe page on the left is a new format for EC. It has five sections with a check circle in the corner of each one:photo-oct-14-10-36-18-amThis would be great for big priority monthly tasks of any kind! The next page is the productivity page that we’ve seen in the option list for notebook layouts:photo-oct-14-10-36-23-amBut wait, THERE’S MORE! 😉 If you turn the page again, you get a dot grid notes page followed by another beautiful quote:
photo-oct-14-10-36-29-amAfter this one, you turn to the next monthly pages to take notes or make lists between each month, in my opinion, is a HUGE help when managing monthly tasks or tracking monthly progress. If you hate it, you could easily tear out the productivity/dot grid page and be left with just one notes page and a quote, but it won’t free up that much coil space and from my observations, people are always looking for MORE writing space.

Have you noticed yet that there aren’t any tabs? photo-oct-14-10-37-02-amThis would be my only complaint. I love having tabs to easily flip from month to month. BUT, I quickly hacked a solution using one of my Mini Snap-In Bookmarks (pack of 3 for $4 – a steal!). See it peeking out?photo-oct-14-10-37-33-amI am also keeping a magnetic page marker handy for the same reason:

photo-oct-14-10-37-56-amOnce you get through the months, you reach the 2018 year at-a-glance:photo-oct-14-10-38-33-amThe notes pages follow. The planner comes with 40 notes pages (20 sheets front and back), and for another $5, you can add another 40 pages. (Other upgrades include a rose gold, gold, or black coil for $10):photo-oct-14-10-38-49-amEach Deluxe Monthly Planner comes with two sheets of flag stickers, and a pocket:photo-oct-14-10-39-09-am photo-oct-14-10-39-21-amalong with another pocket on the back, and another whiteboard:photo-oct-14-10-39-26-amNow, onto the size comparison! The layouts are identical, but you can see the size difference here:
photo-oct-14-10-41-24-amI pulled a sticker from the back to place it in the monthly layout of the larger size. It’s so roomy!photo-oct-14-10-40-21-amIn terms of thickness, the Deluxe Monthly Planner is comparable to a notebook (notebook on top, planner on bottom):photo-oct-14-10-42-51-amAnd it’s definitely thinner than my LifePlanner:photo-oct-14-10-42-21-amPHEW! That might have been my longest post. I’ll be using the smaller Deluxe Monthly Planner to manage my budget and finances, the larger Deluxe Monthly Planner for work, and I’m still undecided on the Monthly Planner…but I’ll keep you all posted!

If you’re a first-time customer of Erin Condren and would like to save $10 off of your order, you can use this link to create your account! It will save me $10, too.

I also filmed a review for YouTube that you can find here!photo-oct-14-10-46-13-amThanks so much for reading!


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