I walked into our play room today (the disaster pictured above) for my 45,834th attempt to clean and organize. In the six months we’ve lived in this house, I haven’t completely decided how I want to arrange this space. So I’ve avoided it. So I’ve taken my time. While all three of my kids were in school today, I tackled the play room. I planned to write a blog post on the messy before and put-together after, but as I was wading through the maze of toys and stepping on Legos, I felt like it was more important to share the real.

I tend to spend quite a bit of time reflecting on what I should be doing, what I should have done, what I should do in the future. I think it’s healthy to find a happy place between regret and apathy. I found myself struggling with a lot of regret. A lot of SHOULD.

I should have never let it get this messy.
I should have donated these toys long ago.
I should have finished the KonMari book.
I should have my kids helping right now.
I should have a chore chart.
I should be working out right now.
I should make them clean this room every night.
I should go to Ikea right now and get different organizers.
I should be doing (insert list of everything else I have to do) right now.
I should have had this room done months ago.

The reality is that we are going to make ourselves miserable if we only live in the SHOULD. Let’s cut ourselves some slack. It’s not that we shouldn’t care, it’s not that we should let everything to to the wayside…it’s just we should all take a step back, and take a collective breath, and forgive ourselves for not doing everything we feel we should all of the time.






  1. Jean Nulle says

    You are a wonderful person, sometimes things
    Get alittle overwhelming. But you got this
    Love you Jen
    Aunt Jeanie

  2. Jade Joseph says

    Inspiring! This put things in perspective for me. Instead of slaving over the things I *should* be doing tonight, I’m going to relax for a bit. Life is too short.

  3. Ashley Adams says


    Thank you so much for this post, it’s exactly what I needed to hear today. I recently graduated college and moved into my own apartment while waiting to hear back from jobs that I’ve applied for and just being overwhelmed. So I just sat and watched Netflix and though of all the things I should be doing but I wasn’t and I just shut down. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone in this. Tomorrow is a new day ❤️

  4. Dani says

    I keep my kids toys in bigger plastic see-through boxes. That gives them the chance to see what they’re looking for before they pour all the toys on the floor in a search of a little car or a wooden locomotive. For me is all about organisation and how quickly they can go back in the box (toys not kids lol). It’s a learning curve, Jen, for the kids too. A process. So don’t beat yourself up for avoiding the mess or not organising it properly. To be honest I admire your strength to do so much with so little help! Take a deep breath and smile! Love, Dani x

  5. Elizabeth says

    Love this Jen! I know you wrote this in the real moment of your kids play room and organization, but this also goes to all areas of our lives. Likes our marriage, our finances, our health…and so on…I know that I Sometimes catch myself on the I should and what I really needs to be done is just live the moment and enjoy it because life just goes by too fast. Don’t feel like you SHOULD all the time…..take care 🙂

    I just found you on Instagram and Facebook & I have enjoyed your planning ideas…they have helped me in my planning and how to better use my ECLP…:)

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