Breakfast Birthday Party


It feels like yesterday that I was holding our brand new baby for the first time. Five years flew by, and it was time for another birthday party for our sweet girl. I had a few friends in Chicago do breakfast-themed birthday parties for their kids and they went over so well that I knew that was an idea I wanted to borrow. I am not a terribly creative person, so I love finding what worked for other people and then recreating it in a way that works best for my family. Summer birthday parties for kids are tough because everyone is traveling and busy, so I figured a party at 10am on a Saturday would work well for a few reasons; Everyone can come to the party and still have the rest of their weekend, breakfast food generally goes over really well with kids, and a breakfast birthday party is relatively easy to pull off. WIN!

I went really simple for this one. A few balloons on the mailbox, a few indoor decorations and low-maintenance food and drinks. Always consider how much time you have to prep when you’re planning a party!

I generally don’t give food away as favors, but I couldn’t help it this time (always be mindful of allergies or special dietary restrictions). I found these sippy cereal bowls, ribbon and spoons at Dollar Tree, the individual bags of cereal at Publix, and I made the labels with my silhouette cameo and sticker paper.

Breakfast Party Favor Materials

So easy. Just pop the cereal bag in the bowl, wrap up with ribbon, slip a spoon in there and stick your sticker on top. (“We are cereal-sly glad you could make it!”)

Breakfast Party Favors

The birthday girl just wanted a pink and purple theme, so we got a happy birthday banner, some table decorations and a few balloons for the mailbox (all from Dollar Tree for under $10 total).

Birthday Banner

Unfortunately, we wanted to do the party outside and have the kiddos run around in the sprinkler and play on the swingset, but we had storms all morning. Got a break in the rain just long enough to tie the balloons to the mailbox.

Balloons on mailbox

I do as much as I possibly can the night before (or even earlier) the party. Think of what food you’re serving, what you’re going to serve them in (again, nothing fancy, I used colorful dollar tree trays and bowls and buckets!), and how many serving pieces you need. Estimate food based on attendance so you don’t end up with too much (or too little), and prep all your food and trays the day before the party. Write out a timeline for the day of the party (8am, everyone dressed, 8:30am, wash and cut fruit, 9am, balloons on mailbox and pour ice over drinks, etc).  I enlisted the guest of honor to help do some of the prep work. She was SO excited to help!

Helping set upHelping set up

I wanted a menu that would appeal to the kids and adults, was easy to prepare, and was fun. I love to cook, but I didn’t want to spend the whole party in the kitchen. I wanted to prep everything and then enjoy the party. For drinks, we had bottled water, juice boxes and coffee. For food, we served donuts from Dunkin Donuts, fresh fruit (bananas, clementines, and a bowl of strawberries and blueberries), applesauce, yogurt tubes, and bacon. Of all the food we made, the bacon was the first to go! Not surprised.

Food for Breakfast Party

Food for Breakfast Party

Food for Breakfast Party

Food for Breakfast Party

She was so happy to celebrate turning five with her friends. This was our first party away from friends and family back in Chicago and it meant so much to us that neighbors and friends and classmates could be there! One happy girl: mission accomplished.

Birthday Girl

Macy's Birthday