My Krissyanne Designs Sticker Binder!

Krissyanne Designs Sticker Binder

My first purchase of planner stickers ever (from a shop that hand-made them) was from Krissyanne Designs about a year and a half ago. I had been admiring her stickers for a while, and the stickers themselves and her customer service had me hooked right away!

From the very beginning, it was clear that she was intentional about making her stickers as user-friendly as possible. She was one of the first sellers to cut her sheets in such a way that they fit in the back pocket of the Erin Condren Life Planner. Last Spring, she announced her plans to release a binder full of her stickers that were pre-punched for easy organization, storage and use. I love that she not only creates a wonderful product, but wants them to be as user-friendly as possible. Her first round of Sticker Binders sold out almost immediately! No surprise. They are BEAUTIFUL, functional and the highest quality.

I was SO EXCITED when one of these beautiful binders arrived in my mailbox a few months ago! I have used it every single day since then, and it has cut my planning time in half. Being able to flip right to what I need, peel it up and stick it in my planner has eliminated searching, flipping through piles, and taking sheets in and out of boxes and files folders.

Let me give you a tour!


The Binders come in two sizes: Travel Size and Full Size. I got the Travel Size! (The Full Binder is a full-sized 1′ Binder, while the Travel Binder is a 1/2″ smaller binder.) It is a high-quality binder with reinforced corners and a personalized cover of your choice. It is sturdy and BEAUTIFUL!

Here it is in comparison to my Erin Condren Life Planner:


and from the top:


My binder came with 22 sheets of stickers that were punched and already in the rings, like this:


Included with a binder purchase are two binder-exclusive sampler sheets (which I love and as you can tell, have already used):


I LOVE – cannot describe how much – being able to just flip to a page, write, peel, and stick.




Speaking of writing on stickers, Krissyanne Designs stickers are semi-gloss, and I recommend using a permanent marker so it doesn’t smear. I tested it out here (Pilot permanent on top, Pilot G2-07 Gel smeared below):


My favorite is the Pilot Ultra Fine Point Permanent marker. Sharpie permanent markers, Bic permanent markers (or really, any other permanent marker) will work fine as well! Team Blue, of course 😉


When I first posted about my binder, everyone asked how I was going to incorporate the dozens of other Krissyanne Designs sticker sheets I already had. I decided to hack apart an old Erin Condren Life Planner folder and tape the two sides into each side of the binder.

I was easily able to add all of my other sheets to the back and front pockets! It didn’t add too much bulk, either.


There aren’t enough heart eyes emojis:

IMG_6598Binders are sold as an inclusion with a minimum purchase of sticker kits. Once you purchase a minimum amount ($100 worth of sticker kits for the Travel size and $200 worth of sticker kits for the Full size), you add a binder to your cart and the binder price drops to $0.00. It is SUCH a great deal. Essentially, you are buying stickers at a discount (in comparison to if you were to purchase each individual sheet from her site) AND you get a personalized binder with two sampler sheets included. Kits range in price from $20 to $100.

SPEAKING OF KITS… I’m SO happy to share that there is now a JenPlans sticker kit! It includes 20 sheets of what I personally consider essentials for functional planning. These are the stickers I use most frequently and recommend most often. If you purchase the JenPlans kit, it is enough of a minimum purchase for a binder which will also give you two additional samplers 🙂 This was created as an easy way for me to recommend stickers to those who ask.

If you have additional questions about the Sticker Binders, check out the FAQ in the pinned post of the Krissyanne Designs Facebook group. Kristin will also be doing a live Periscope broadcast to answer any questions sometime (TBD) on Thursday evening, October 1, which will stay up for 24 hours. Be sure to follow Kristin’s channel here if you want an alert when she goes live!

The next round of binder sales will open at 9pm CST on Friday, October 2nd,  directly from her website. The last round sold out quickly, so if you’re planning to purchase, be sure to set your alarm and write it in your planner! 🙂 I am so excited to order more kits for my binder! Can’t wait to see what everyone else orders!

This was NOT a sponsored post. I was not asked to publicly review this product.
All opinions are genuinely and enthusiastically my own.





2015 Atlanta EC Meet-Up

Atlanta EC Meetup 2015

Most of you know that I use (and love!) an Erin Condren Life Planner to keep my life organized. I’ve been using an ECLP since 2011 and highly recommend it to anyone who might still be searching for a paper planner. In the last few years, I’ve found a few ways to connect with others who use the same planner and have made some great friends in this community of planning and organization. A few weeks ago, 30-40 planning friends from across the country met up at the Atlanta Scrapbook Expo and had a great time! I want to share some of that experience here on the blog and express gratitude to some very generous folks who made the meet-up so wonderful!

For those of you wondering why people who use a paper planner would seek out a scrapbook expo, many elements of scrapbook cross over into the planning world. We use our planners not only as a way to keep track of appointments, but also as a way to manage lists, record milestones, track exercise and meal planning and a million other parts of our lives. We use stickers, stamps and washi tape much like scrapbookers – some use them to decorate and some use them to highlight parts of our schedule or tasks. It becomes a creative outlet for us and motivates us to stay organized.

The meetup started as a way to gather and talk planners, share ideas and spend time together. A handful of people came into town early and we may or may not have spent all day in IKEA, Container Store and other shopping venues. 😉 Who doesn’t love spending all day with other organized people looking at organization eye candy?

The next day was the big meet-up. I would say that we had 30-50 people in and out of the meeting room one of us had so kindly arranged, and the most exciting part of the official meet-up was a raffle that another friend had worked hard to arrange!

A whopping 23 companies/shops/individuals donated at least 25 items EACH to “swag bags” that were raffled off to attendees. Many of them have very high-volume orders and still took the time and effort to make sure the attendees were able to have a chance to score some of their awesome products. Please take some time to check each of them out because so few people do things like this these days and we were so very appreciative! I always love giving my business to shops who go above and beyond. I’ve linked their shops for easy browsing! 🙂 I will try to contain my excitement and use of exclamation points (!!!!!!!).

  1. Erin Condren Design
    The largest company to donate, Erin Condren Design, gave these Designer Sticker Books (Classic Collection)! I LOVE my sticker book and have found that it’s not only a great variety, but a great value if you want to purchase one! A few pics from the inside are below! (If you’re a first-time customer, you can use this link to save $10 off of your first purchase!)
  2. OliBLOCK
    OliBLOCK was SUPER generous and donated a BUNCH of clips to the swag bags! Everyone got a slightly different combination, and I LOVED mine! OliClips are magnetic paperclips that are very strong and really, really thin, so they don’t bulk up your planner! I’ve had a small set that I’ve used for a long time, and I was ecstatic to get some bigger ones to try too!
  3. CraftyCato
    Brianna from CraftyCato was so sweet to give everyone washi samples!
  4. Discbound Marketplace
    If you’re unfamiliar with disc-binding, many people choose to punch their planner pages to fit small discs (in place of a coil or rings) because it’s a fast and extremely convenient way to add and remove pages from your notebooks or planner. Adding notes, budgeting pages, contacts, etc, is a breeze when you disc-bind. Discbound Marketplace donated these notebooks (with the discs, hardcover and pens!) for everyone to try!
  5. Hello Ashleyann Prints
    Hello Ashleyann Prints was so generous to donate three full sticker sheets to everyone, but unfortunately the shipment got held up by the post office and didn’t make it to the meet-up. I was lucky enough to still get my hands on a set and love them! Those donuts!!!
  6. #junkfromjodi
    Jodi has a well-deserved reputation in the planner community by being the sweetest person ever. She frequently blesses people with her #junkfromjodi (FAR from junk – all treasured items!) in the mail. She had goodies for every bag at the expo! Such a kind soul.
  7. Lillie Henry
    LillieHenry is one of my FAVORITE shops and I absolutely adore these travel stickers she donated to each of the bags! She is also such a kind, hardworking woman. I have many of her stickers and always LOVE adding to my collection!
  8. Lily Daniel Designs
    Lily Daniel Designs donated this sweet sampler set to each bag!
  9. Lisa V Creations
    Not only did Lisa from LisaV Creations donate this sticker set to everyone, she also volunteered to make the labels listing all of the sponsors of the swag bags! Check out her reward system for customers! I’m lucky to call her a friend, and when we moved earlier this year, I became her neighbor, too!
  10. Maklow Planner Goodies
    Maklow Planner Goodies made a HUGE donation to the swag bags! Every recipient got this WHOLE SET! Wine, anyone? These stickers are all ADORABLE!
  11. MilaPrintShop
    These sweet samplers are so perfect to tuck in the pocket of your planner. MilaPrintShop donated these to each bag! Love the little planners!
  12. Olive Planning
    OlivePlanning donated several different sets to the meet-up and I got these half-boxes – PERFECT for my ECLP!
  13. One Orange Snowflake
    Taylor is a busy student and mom in addition to being a shop owner, and she STILL took the time to donate TWO sampler sheets to each bag at the Expo. Her shop is one of the most popular on Etsy in the planner community and it was so generous of her to donate.
  14. Pink & Main
    Pink & Main was the only shop that was also exhibiting AT the Scrapbook Expo! It was so cool to see their selection (not just for planning – mostly for scrapbooking, card-making and other paper crafting!) They not only donated a stamp set to each bag, but they also gave everyone a discount at the booth!
  15. Planned Chaos
    Planned Chaos is one of the most sought-after planner subscription boxes in the planner community. She always delivers goodies from the shops everyone loves and adds so many other special things for subscribers to try out, too. Here’s one of her sticker sheets that was part of her monthly kit! She also sells many of her stickers separately in her shop (including this one!), 4BoyChaos, which you can find here!
  16. Planner Pandemonium
    The largest donation of the swag bags came from Vicki at Planner Pandemonium! She donated an ENTIRE monthly kit to each swag bag! Seven sticker sheets (in coordinating colors to the ECLP August color scheme), sticky notes, a felt paperclip AND a discount code! Amazing.
  17. PowellsPaperCrafts
    If you’re a paperclip person, you MUST check out Powells Paper Crafts! The picture doesn’t even do this sweet little thing justice, because her little puddle is shimmery and precious and there’s an itty bitty rhinestone on her, too.
  18. Sizemore Designs
    Austin has been in the planner community for some time now, and he has his own stationery shop! He offered a discount code to all who attended the Expo!
  19. Stick-e Beans
    These are functional clip-ins, but they’re also SO funny and cute! You just snap them in and use double-sided tape if you want to add anything to your planner! They fit the EC coil, and I’m guessing they also fit a Plum Paper Planner as well!
  20. Stickers, Washi & More
    One of my favorite people, another longtime admin of our We Love EC Facebook group and owner of StickersWashi&More donated these sweet samplers to everyone! I love her shop because everything is so unique and sweet. She has a signature style I can spot a mile away, and I love using her stickers! The “coffee time” sticker has always been my favorite!
  21. Sweet Peach Planner
    Sweet Peach Planner donated this summery lemon sticker set! Such a sweet set and included one of my favorites – full box flags.
  22. TheECPlannerKitLady
    I’ve already used most of this donation because I couldn’t resist the watermelons or that ant washi! Good thing I took a pic before I started using it! TheECplannerkitlady donated such a fun set!
  23. TwoKraftyChicks
    TwoKraftyChicks donated this sweet set to the swag bags! The smiley taco!!


We also had a professional photographer there who volunteered to take pictures – if you are local in the Atlanta area, please check her out! Her name is Anna McGlamry and this is the link to her business page! She did a wonderful job capturing us all in our natural habitat!

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

ATL Traveling Llama

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

I got to draw the winners!!!!! 😀

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Here are all the winners:

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

And everyone who was there at the peak time!

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Photo Credit: Anna McGlamry Photography

Again, HUGE thank-you to the sponsors for their generous donations, and especially to those who helped organize everything behind the scenes so that it could be extra special for everyone who was able to attend. The very best part was getting to spend time with friends who share a love of planning! I hope we can all meet up again sometime soon!


Review of the 2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planner (Horizontal Layout)

Another launch day (!!) has come and gone, and now comes the waiting for deliveries and, for some who are still considering purchases, mulling over final decisions about which planner to choose. Though I already posted a video overview here, I’ve now had the planner for a few days and wanted to put together a more comprehensive post with pictures to share all the details with you!
We were coming back from my kids’ swim lesson on Saturday morning and as we pulled around the corner, I saw THAT BOX. You know. The colorful, fun EC-patterned shipping box that everyone waits (not so) patiently for. I yelled STOPPPPP at my husband and literally jumped out of the car and came running to the front steps.

Running girl

Normal? If you’re an EC fan, of course it is.

In my package:

Erin Condren 2015-2016 Ready-to-Ship (RTS) 18-month Life Planner in the NEW horizontal layout

Assorted gift labels

2 sets of Keep it Together bands

Coil Clips

Keep it Together pen holder

Snap-In To-Do List

Designer Sticker Book


Let’s jump right in, shall we? The cover on the Ready-To-Ship (RTS) is deep purple with the quote “and so the adventure begins.” Indeed! If you choose a RTS, you’ll get a code to order a free cover which will snap onto the coil. All covers are interchangeable.

ECLP and so the adventure begins cover


When you open the cover, you see the nice, thick, vellum overlay which has a design pre-printed. Under the vellum layer is a page to mark down your contact information in case your planner is lost. I love that they moved that block onto the pages since the covers are interchangeable now, to keep you from having to write it over and over. Great and thoughtful update.



The next big turn is to the mini-monthly calendar/year-at-a-glance. You’ll find July 2015-December 2016 in this spread, and of course you could use it just as reference, but plenty of people use this space actively to keep track of monthly goals or challenges, their menstrual cycle (especially for those who don’t want it on their weekly spread but like to track for health reasons), keeping track of vacation and sick days all at once…you really have a lot of flexibility in how you use this space and I always encourage people to use every inch of these great features.

ECLP Year at a Glance


Next you’ll find a NEW section, a spread with 12 flagged boxes. You can use them for important dates, goals, lists, or keeping track of your measurements/weight (which is what I’ll be doing!).

ECLP goals


MY FAVORITE PART IS NEXT. No secret that my favorite addition to this year’s version is the notes page before each and every month. This used to be a feature of Erin Condren Life Planners but they were removed the last few years. I will use these to keep track of monthly projects, gift lists, things I need to buy or make and sooo many other things I don’t need on my weekly layout and that are too big for the Goals section on the monthly layout.

ECLP Monthly Note Pages


Speaking of the monthly layout, past EC users will feel right at home using this month-on-two-page layout. The Goals section is the same also, and a great place to put goals, bills, workout challenges or a favorite quote.

ECLP Monthly


The horizontal weekly layout is next and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. The colors are vibrant and soothing and I really love the jewel tones used in this option. It’s clean and crisp and gives you the choice of keeping it clean or taking a LOT of freedom with decorating for those who like to use stickers and washi tape (me!). You’ll notice that Monday-Thursday is on the left page, while Friday-Sunday is on the right, along with an equal-sized notes section. Thank you, Erin Condren, for making Saturday and Sunday full days in your planners. It is a huge plus to this planner. The day boxes are mostly lined with the exception of a box off to the right on each day.

EC Horizontal Weekly Layout


The tabs are laminated and coordinate with the main color of each month.



Next up are notes pages in the back! You have six pages (two full front and back and one front and one back – so three spreads) of lined notes pages. Perfect to keep a list of favorite meals on-hand for easy meal planning, books you want to read, gifts you want to give or anything else you list out that you don’t need to be specific to a particular month. You have four graph pages (one full, one front and one back, so two spreads), perfect for room layouts or charting weight, finance goals or annual tasks. After the graph pages, you have 5 blank notes pages for doodling or taping in your own lists or pictures (two full, one half, so two and a half spreads).



After the last notes page is a one-page 2017 calendar. You can use a sticky note or write off to the side any important 2017 dates (weddings, graduations, etc).



Next up are the stickers! Every planner comes with four bound-in sheets of stickers, two pages have text (birthdays, vacation…see picture for all text) and two blank pages (I’ve already used two to test a new idea!).



After the stickers is the updated two pocket folder. You can also use packing tape to secure the bottom of the folder and slip even more things into the middle section! Thanks to @crafty_renee for that tip! This folder has really evolved over the years into a very strong, shiny finish folder. The back of the folder contains the perpetual calendar (coming next!).



Each planner contains a perpetual calendar which you can use from year to year to keep track or birthdays, anniversaries or other special dates. I’ve seen these repurposed into daily gratitude journals, baby milestone logs and more! The people in the planner community are so creative. This year’s version also includes a contacts section, password log and list of annual holidays.



Next is the bound-in zipper pouch which has the party pops design this year! This pouch is great for keeping things secure (stamps, concert tickets, pictures or anything else valuable). Another HUGE upgrade this year is the contents of each zipper pouch! You’ll get one coil clip to try, a sampler sheet of the do-it-all-dots stickers, compliment cards and referral cards.

And that’s it for the planner itself!


I also got an awesome stash of extra accessories you can find in the accessories section of the Erin Condren site! There are elastic bands to keep your planner closed in two color options (three bands each), a pack of 12 coil clips to keep any extras in your planner or notebook (invitations, shopping lists, etc), a pen holder to attach to your planner, the new party pops markers (red, pink, orange, blue, green and charcoal, which do NOT bleed on your pages – see pictures below!) a snap-in laminated to-do list, and the BEAUTIFUL Designer Sticker Book! With 10 sheets of stickers and priced at $15, this is a GREAT value especially considering these stickers are adorable and many of them are foil-pressed!


(On the left, check out the EC markers; on the right, you can see the back of the same sheet).





















I’m so excited to jump right into my planner! This is by far the most upgrades I’ve seen in a single year in the time I’ve been an Erin Condren customer and I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to review it! If you’re a new customer, be sure to use this link to create your account and you’ll get a $10 code e-mailed to you to use on your first order!

Thank you to the Erin Condren team for sending me these wonderful products to review and share. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!