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Erin CondrenWrap Book & More
I’ve been a loyal Erin Condren customer for nearly 5 years now, and this year has brought by far the most new product offerings I’ve seen from them! I LOVE that they are branching out more and putting their spin on the newest trends in the planner, stationery and paper crafting communities. I’m SO excited to share some of these products with you!

One of their latest products is the Wrap Book – a full bound book of cards, gift tags, gift labels and wrapping paper. I am so lucky to be able to preview this amazing book for you all! These will be available for purchase at the end of this month. They also included some of their other new products which are available for purchase now, the jot your thought journal trio, stylish storage pockets, coloring book and sketch pad, and party pops markers!

I did a brief review on my YouTube channel, and the full review with plenty of pictures is below!

Let’s start with the Wrap Book! 
The book itself is bound similar to the way their sticker books are bound. Each page is perforated for easy removal (though I think I’ll keep most of them right in the book for convenience). For all of us planners, 😉 a Holiday Gift Checklist is right in front. I’m debating tearing this out and putting it in my Life Planner or Notebook. I love that they give you a prompt for common family and friends to remember at gift-giving times!
Photo Oct 19, 5 27 13 PMThe other side begins the card section. The cards are a nice, thick cardstock with beautiful foil-pressed accents.
Photo Oct 19, 5 21 08 PMYou just tear them out along the perforated edge and fold them over!
Photo Oct 19, 5 21 40 PMThere are six cards total in this section. The back of the first two are shown here on the left, and the next two (which fold the other way) are on the right:
Photo Oct 19, 5 22 02 PM

Photo Oct 19, 5 22 08 PM

Aren’t they beautiful?! The last set:

Photo Oct 19, 5 22 28 PM

Next up is the tag page! These are all punch-out cardstock tags – also with that beautiful foil detail! – with holes for easy stringing. The holes are on the smaller side, just perfect for twine or yarn thread. So easy to punch out and wrap around a candle, bottle of wine, gift basket…

Photo Oct 19, 5 22 37 PMUp close:

Photo Oct 19, 5 23 13 PMNext up…STICKERS! While these are perfect in lieu of regular tape (how cute would those round snowflake stickers be to attach one of those cards to a gift??), I’m SO using these in my planner. The boxes fit perfectly and I just love them.
Photo Oct 19, 5 23 33 PMThis next page is full of more tags! They are the same thick cardstock texture of the other tags, but these are in cool winter colors, and perfect for friends or family you want to wish a Happy Hanukkah! 
Photo Oct 19, 5 23 41 PM
I took one of my Erin Condren Party Pops Markers and tested them out on these tags – they were perfect! Even the detail on the back is adorable.
Photo Oct 19, 5 23 56 PMAnother page of stickers follows those tags! This time in the same cooler colors of the second tag page. Again, probably meant for gifts….but….they’ll be so pretty in the planner, too!
Photo Oct 19, 5 24 08 PMAfter this page is a more traditional gift label sheet! I love these for gifts. During a periscope broadcast of this book, a planner friend, @PrettyPlanners, suggested using the blank ones in the planner (I know these are meant to be for gifts, but you guys all know how much I love repurposing things and getting creative with their use!) and I LOVED that idea. I also love that they incorporated some of their signature designs into these labels:
Photo Oct 19, 5 24 20 PMThe next page is another more traditional gift label sheet, but in a double-sided flag shape! I can’t wait to put the “Made with Love” sticker on a home-made gift this year.
Photo Oct 19, 5 24 29 PMAfter the gift labels, the wrapping paper section ends the book! There are three reversible wrapping papers, all in a matte finish with foil accents. The paper is nice and sturdy. The hardest choice will be which side to use They are also perforated for easy removal.
Photo Oct 19, 5 24 36 PMPhoto Oct 19, 5 24 46 PM

How can you decide between these two? I might cut it in half so I can use both.


Photo Oct 19, 5 25 01 PM    Photo Oct 19, 5 26 23 PM
Photo Oct 19, 5 26 45 PM    Photo Oct 19, 5 26 49 PM
They’re pretty enough to frame!

The older I get, the more I try to give quality gifts that are wrapped well and this Wrap Book couldn’t have better timing. I am also huge on convenience, and I’ll be grabbing several of these so that I can keep them at home and in the car. Nothing worse than being on the road and realizing you need to bring a gift for someone and having no cute way to wrap it. How easy is this for on-the-go gifting? Anything that helps me feel prepared even if I forget something is a winner in my book. These will be $22 and will be on the Erin Condren website at the end of this month! If you are a new customer, you can use my referral link to sign up for an account, which will email you a $10 off code to use on your order! I can’t WAIT to see how people use their Wrap Books!

As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, I was also so lucky to have the chance to review these other awesome products too!

Jot Your Thought Journal Trio
I will admit that I ordered these the day they were released with no idea how I would use them. I just had to have them because they were so beautiful and such a convenient size!
Photo Oct 20, 9 42 39 AM

The journals come in this trio for $18 (a STEAL if you’re familiar with this type of notebook). They’re 5.75″ x 8.75″ and perfect for throwing in your purse or even in the pocket of your planner. They’re stitched along the spine and each journal has a different page style (blank, lined and graph). There are 80 pages each (40 two-sided pages).
Photo Oct 20, 9 43 10 AMObviously I had to try them out right away. The Erin Condren Party Pops Markers are perfect. They shadow just a bit on the other side of the paper but do not bleed. I’d say the weight of the paper, to me, feels slightly thicker than the planner pages but not as thick as their notepads (if you’re familiar).
Photo Oct 20, 9 53 42 AMI tried to test all of the different markers on the page, and you can see that my lovely assistants wanted to test them out, too. They want you to know that they approve of the markers and journals, too.
Photo Oct 20, 9 47 53 AMI think for now, I’ll keep one in my purse, one will be for room layouts (the graph paper journal will be perfect for that!) and perhaps one in my car. You can never have enough places to take notes when they come into your mind!

The Party Pops Markers are available here for $10 and are great in the Life Planner, Notebook and journals!

Coloring Book & Sketch Pad
A new trend you might have seen around is adult coloring books! I have heard great feedback on these from friends who have them and I was so excited to see them in my package. I’ve heard coloring relieves stress and I have to say, when I tested them out it brought me right back to my childhood and gave my mind a great break from the everyday craziness. The whole pad is $12 and the markers are a great complement!
Photo Oct 20, 11 03 02 AM

Stylish Storage Pockets
Last but surely not least, these pockets! They are $10 for a set of three which comes with a set of 4″ coil clips to snap right into your Life Planner or Notebook!
Photo Oct 20, 11 03 57 AMThey each have foil accents (gold, rose gold and platinum) and they are absolutely gorgeous in person!
Photo Oct 20, 11 04 18 AMI will admit that after I ordered a keep it simple notebook for a notebook I use to keep ideas for my new house all in one place, I wish I had ordered the deluxe version for the pocket. I didn’t waste any time using one of these in my notebooks! Bonus: the butterfly design matched perfectly!
Photo Oct 20, 11 06 06 AMThe coil clips are a breeze to use. You just snap off the side, snap them into your coil…
Photo Oct 20, 11 08 32 AMPeel the backing off of the sticky part…
Photo Oct 20, 11 08 44 AMline your pocket up, and press onto the coil clip!
Photo Oct 20, 11 09 04 AMThey are totally secure in the notebook and you can move them around from front to back (or middle!) depending on where it best suits your needs!
Photo Oct 20, 11 10 29 AMI couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.
Photo Oct 20, 11 10 10 AM

Want a chance to win a new Wrap Book and journal trio? Head over to my instagram post to learn how!
The giveaway will run until Thursday, October 22 at 9pm EST!

I just love things that make my life easier, more organized, and more beautiful. Thank you to Erin Condren for sending these products my way – I hope I was able to share a closer look for those of you who are considering ordering them!

Again, if you’re a first time customer and would like to save $10 off of your first order, you can create an account with my referral link and you’ll get a discount code emailed to you.

This was not a sponsored post.

I was given free products from Erin Condren in exchange for an honest review.
All opinions are genuinely my own.